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FromSue Peachey
MessageI took my 5-year-old granddaughter, Hazel, to yesterday's matinee performance of Aladdin and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the first time she had been to a pantomime and she got really engrossed in it, laughing her head off at all the slapstick and joining in with the audience participation and the song. Though afterwards she said her favourite part of the show was Dobbin doing his dance!
Considering all the problems caused by Covid to live theatre I congratulate the Kingswood Players on overcoming all obstacles and presenting this show with such energy and commitment. Well done!
FromJenny Mitchell
MessageFabulous really enjoyed it 👍
FromDottie North
MessageThis afternoon I took my five and half year old granddaughter to the matinee performance of the Snow Queen. She was entranced throughout the show...scared by the Magician, so snuggled into me...shivered when the Snow Queen appeared...laughed hugely at the Ravens. I had a great afternoon enjoying her enjoyment! At the end of the show she said "Granny, we are coming next year"! I said "So you enjoyed it then Bella"? Her reply was "It was better than Dick Whittington (at the Hippodrome) and The Lion King (the recent film version)both of which her parents had taken her too. So,take a bow Kingswood Players - and I look forward to seeing at the Panto in 2021!
FromMarina Rees
MessageAnother great production! Was a brilliant night xx ⭐️⭐️👍
FromMichele Kendall
MessageBrilliant performance Friday night you were all amazing and a lovely group of people x here's to the next performance x
FromSally Pow
MessageTonights pantomime was absolutely brilliant, and was performed with such fun and enthusiasm - I have been to pantomimes in national theatres with "celebrities" which didn't make me laugh as much and have such a good time!

Well done - looking forward to the next production!
FromSharon Wood (nee Wade)
MessageI have just been reading your website and looking at the past production list. I was a member of the Romsdal Players in 1970 for about 5 years. In those days, as well as Richard Bond, I remember Paul Stribling,Chris Reed, Kathie Dowson, J Laurie Robinson, the wonderful Jack Boswell and his wife Heather, Joseph Brunning, Josie Reed, Miriam Hall and more! Some of the productions that I was involved in or remember are Dick Whittington ( my first production with Romsdals), Jack and the Beanstalk, Death and Nellie Miller, Low Comedy Woman, Pink String and Sealing Wax, Woman in a Dressing Gown, Red Riding Hood, Fish out of Water, Life of Hercules page one, and many more. I have just turned 60 and have been a member of The Woodland Players just down the road from yourselves for the past 40 years, but have never forgotten the group that started my love of AmDram all those years ago when we used to rehearse in a cold scout hut or if we were lucky upstairs in the main house! Happy days!!!!!!
FromRob Lewis
MessageHelen was fantastic in this one person play. (A Cream Cracker Under The Settee) Funny, moving, and at times very dark , the appreciative audience soaked up every word. Well done !
FromTim Rolfe
MessageThanks again to you, the cast and everyone involved for a welcoming and wonderful afternoon. We hope to come along to future performances so will see you again!

MessageI thought the production was excellent , both dramatically and of course technically. I appreciate how hard you all worked and it really showed. I thought Kath was very good with the right mixture of hard/needy woman, and the whole atmosphere was very chilling. Please pass on my congratulations to all involved. I shall never regard Greggs steak bake in the same way again!
FromSue Peachey
I wanted to let you know that I think Sweeney Todd was one of the best productions I have ever seen by the Kingswood Players. I was so impressed with the professionalism of the whole thing, and the set was amazing. As I said to you on Friday, the smoothness of the scenery moving (and there was a lot of it!) made it seem that it had been practised for weeks, not just on the previous weekend. To bring the vision of it to the practical reality could not have been easy, so well done to all involved with that.

The two tier set worked really well, and the Chair certainly deserved the round of applause it got on the night I was there. The costumes were also very effective, so congratulations to Kath, Margaret and any others involved in that. I was particularly taken with the Bedlam inmates, first on one side of the prison bars, and then later on we were inside with them. Every single one of them stayed in character and were so pitiful. I also loved it when they repeated some of the words they heard, like "wicked", and their reactions when the gun went off. Jill's beggar woman was so pitiful she made me want to go and give her some money (alms!) or a good hot meal (though not a pie!). Everyone played their parts well, and Kevin and Kate carried the story brilliantly. I didn't know the story beforehand, and my interest was kept right to the end.

I am thinking that this "critic's review" does not have any negatives, but that is because it is hard to think of any. The visible hands holding the stairs in place were slightly distracting, but the next time they appeared they were covered in black gloves, so that was remedied. As I mentioned before, the gold necklace of one of the inmates was showing, but that was obviously an oversight. Can't think of any more!

Congratulations to all of you. It was a night to remember.
FromWilliam Lake
MessageMyself and my family really enjoyed last night, it was amazing, really funny and fantastic, the cast were brilliant. We were pleased to see my good friend, Josh, he was amazing, he's such a good actor. Everyone was absolutely amazing. I thought that Richard Bond was so funny as Dame Flora, he really bought her to life. It was funny when everyone was running out into the audience while they were trying to chase each other, The music was good, the pianist played the piano well, she was clever at keeping in time with the actors while they were singing. Myself and my family also enjoyed singing along to the song "Tiddley Om Pom", it was quite a jolly song. Thank you so much for making the Panto a very enjoyable and memorable evening, Congratulations to everyone at Kingswood Players and could you also say a huge thank you to my good friend Josh for inviting myself and my family along to watch. I hope you enjoy your last performance tonight, Good luck and best wishes.
MessageMy friend Julie and I came to the first matinee performance with her two great nephews who said “We really enjoyed the pantomime and give it ten out of ten!” She brings them every year, and they always enjoy it, as does she.
My own comment is: “This was a really professional show, clearly audible and a great afternoon’s entertainment.”
MessageMy two daughters took their two young children and said they all had a really wonderful time. The cast made it a really special event for them, nothing was too much trouble. This was particularly thoughtful as one of my daughters has a broken leg and has been housebound for weeks. So thank you so much to both all of you at My Kingwood and to the cast of the Kingswood Players, for giving them such a memorable evening.
FromSue Swanborough
MessageA great show.
Fun and a good afternoon.
FromDennis & Norma Noble
MessageReally enjoyed the "Sing Us Another One..." sing-a-long very entertaining and was non-stop all evening . This was our first time watching the Kingswood Players and will not be the last.
Thank you
MessageJust to say thank you for "Ali Baba & the Forty Thieves" panto last night. Congratulations on a great performance... we had a really fun night out!
Our younger son thought Al Zaman was brilliant, and kept cheering him rather than booing...
FromKen Dodd
MessageReally enjoyed the performance of “Easy Money”, congratulations to all involved, good to see new talents being encouraged.
All the best for Ali Baba. Ken
MessageHad an excellent afternoon's entertainment at "Easy Money" on Sat 19th October .
A BIG thank you to everyone involved.
FromJean Brimson
MessageRe: A Night at the Theatre badge
I just wanted to say a big thank you to you both, along with the members of the Kingswood Players for coming along to Brownies.

The girls were very enthusiastic on Tuesday and said they had a great time and enjoyed dressing up very much (I think we now have a couple of diva's).

Anyway it was greatly appreciated by both the 55th and 69th Brownies and Guiders.

Best wishes
Message"Mr Macaroni & the Exploding Pizza Pie" - Katie, Sam and I enjoyed it too - it was a lovely afternoon's entertainment. Thank you!
FromDan Ashby
Message"We really enjoyed the pantomime yesterday! Lewis (5) liked it nearly as much as me (37). Cheers!"
FromFailand Drama Circle
MessageWell done to you all on your splendid production of Calendar Girls, we cannot wait until March 2013 when we do ours! 25.10.12
FromJoanne Bray
MessageBrilliant, I can't believe you're on The One Show, just fabulous!!
FromSharon Leopard Print Russell
MessageA wonderful show Friday evening. Great performances. Excellent entertainment! xxx
FromJoanne Bray
MessageI thought you would like to know that you helped to raise £332.27 which is fabulous, thank you!!
FromTina Plumley
MessageGreat show, well done. Very professional.
FromDonna Pyett
MessageFantastic show guys very Professional well done! Have fun tomoro and enjoy your party! We were selling the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research merchandise £102 tonite fab!! X
FromJoanne Bray
MessageCalendar Girls - Your first performance was wonderful! Anyone who hasn't got a ticket is missing out. See you again tomorrow....
FromJean & Alan Brimson
MessageCongratulations to everyone who contributed to make Calendar Girls such an enjoyable night.
Having seen the production in London, the Kingswood players were as professional as the so called "stars". We were lucky to have front row seats (booked early) and Alan's blood pressure is now getting back to normal!!!
MessageWe really enjoyed Calendar Girls. Gordon, who tends to look at productions with a critical eye, was very impressed – as was I, but I am easier to please!
FromHelen Treasure
MessageCalendar Girls

What a fab show! We were laughing, crying, enjoying from the moment that the curtain went up. The acting was as good if not better than I have seen professionally. It showed how much hard work went into your performances. My friends and I had a great evening. The idea to have baked cakes,tea,coffee,jams, marmalade was very impressive. Thankyou all!

I'm sure the show will be a fantastic success and all in a very worthy cause.

Looking forward to your next production.

Sock it to em!!!!

FromMarilyn (Fred) Lacey (nee Smith)
MessageHow wonderful that you are still going strong!
Hello to anybody who remembers me from 1967 until I left Kingswood to go to university in 1971.
FromTony Ecroyd
MessageI have fond memories of attempting to act with Romsdal in the late 1960's - we performed Bonnaventure then as well - I remember having to snog somebody in that - her name was Kath, I think she was engaged to another member named Richard Bond - don't tell me your Richard & Kath Bond are same one's I knew.
If you ever resurect the local pantomime Faries Follies I could be tempted to buy a ticket - but I'm not up to being the front end of the cow again.
FromRoy and Jill Pope
MessageFriday night's "Bonaventure" play was excellent! Atmospheric, paced with a plot which held our attention.
Well Done, Kingswood Players, the cast ensemble really did justice to a well chosen play.
"Nun" better!
FromGill Clayton
MessageRe: Murder Mystery Evening on World Book Night
You were superb!
We all thought it was tremendous fun and you all acted wonderfully.
I particularly appreciated the effort you'd gone to to make it relevant to books with the different detectives.
Well done and thanks so much to everyone for performing so late in the evening.
We'd recommend you to anyone else.
Gill - Librarian Emerson's Green Library
FromEileen & Ron Coleman
MessageThis is a quick note to say how much we enjoyed Friday night's performance of Pinocchio.
From the original newsletter you sent, we expected something different and we were not disappointed. Not the usual Pantomime but still very enjoyable.
Once again, many thanks for a very enjoyable evening and how well behaved all the Brownies were, they were also very intrigued with what was going on.
Well Done
FromBob Tucker
MessageHi there just wondering whether there are yet photos available from "Airport" and especially those taken of me and the cast?
FromEileen & Ron Coleman
Message"...But Chiefly Yourselves!" May 2010
Eileen and I felt we had to write and thank you and all the cast for a truly
entertaining evening on Friday.

It was lovely chatting with you both along with June and Pauline.

We loved the performance, it was so good to be able to join in all the sing a long
songs, it made us feel young again.

We felt perhaps the most amusing part was when Richard spilt his drink, ruining his
continuity sheet etc. It was so obvious his plea for a Tea Towel went unanswered
initially as the staff felt it was all part of his patter.

It was such a Good Evening, in Good Company and an obvious sucess story.

We hope that the two shows on Saturday go with the same fervour.

With all our best wishes to you both, our kind regards and out thanks to everyone
for a marvellous evening.

FromHoward Marsh
MessageI just wanted to say how much my mother and I enjoyed "...But Chiefly Yourselves!" last Friday evening.
Say thank you to the group on our behalf, particularly the chairman for his birthday wishes and for singing 'Happy Birthday' - that was really nice. My mother got quite emotional at several points during the evening recollecting different memories and it was nice that members (both of the group and audience (?)) spoke to her after the show.
We'll have to keep an eye open for your future productions.

FromHelen Preddy
Message"Aladdin & The Magic Lamp" January 2010
Many Thanks for a wonderful performance on Friday night. A lady sat in front of me who was with the Brownie group said it was the best panto she had been to in a long time. Keep up the good work!
FromRon & Eileen Coleman
MessageWe attended Aladdin on Friday 29th. We think we had the best seats in the house A8 & 9. It was a laugh from beginning to end. Yes, we spotted the ad-lib about teeth. I can report I still have my own even at the ripe old age of 81.Again, we can honestly say we were not disappointed, even the loss of sound made us smile. Thanks to everyone.
FromRon & Joyce Sims
MessageWe were fortunate enough to see Kingwood Players latest pantomine "Aladdin" last Saturday. Another outstanding performance ably led by the enthusiastic "Widow Twankey" who also directed the show.
We always look forward to their performances which in these days of recession adds a little happiness to our and other peoples lives. How refreshing to see new faces appearing especially the two delicious young dancers Alice Jeffery and Ruby Mitchell.
We can't wait for for the next production from the "Music Hall Archives" which is our favourite, given our ages.
Keep up the good work.
FromRon & Eileen Coleman
Message"The Ghost Train" October 2009
Just a quick note from Eileen and Ron to say how much we enjoyed Friday Night's performance.

We have, in the past, tended to come to your Music Hall and Comedy productions, so it was most enlightning to see the team in a somewhat more serious role with humourous moments. We both saw Richard in a very different light and felt that he made a very good Cornish Village Halt Stationmaster.

Having lived in Cornwall as a boy my memories are very much of Express and Local STEAM Train service coming over the Brunel Albert Bridge at Saltash. In addition we, as a family, used to go by local services to St. Germans, Looe, Padstow etc.

So, again, a very good show, a most enjoyable evening, many thanks from both of us.

FromEvening Post - Letters
MessageFrom the letters page of the Evening Post May, 2005
"...And A Nightingale Sang"
Kingswood Players put on a super show
I was privileged to attend the Kingswood Players' latest production which captured the drama of lives during the Second World War. I must congratulate them on a thoroughly enjoyable evening, which brought back memories to me and my wife.
With all the problems which exist in present day life, it makes us realise how fortunate we were to have grown up in that era despite the war years.
Well done Kingswood Players and we look forward to your next production.
Ron & Joyce Sims
FromEvening Post 18.10.08
Message"The Cell" October 2008
"If the Kingswood Players have chosen bravely, they have also chosen well and have proved that it is possible for a play. so firmly rooted in its setting, to feel not only relevant, but also shocking. Attention to detail here is professional. From the rosary beads to the music, there is a sense of being hurtled back in time to a world where an outbreak during Matins is unforgivable."
MessageGreat to see that the Romsdal Players are still performing as the Kingswood Players. I have happy memories of being a member in the 1970's. Keep up the good work.
MessageI just wanted to say thank you to everyone concerned for a good evening on Saturday at "Dead Guilty". What a professional production in all respects - really slick with lots of tension!
Thanks again for your hard work (Joan said that she would happily swap her sitting-room for Julia Darrow's!)
We look forward to your next production.
MessageWe didn't know the story of "The Snow Queen", but it held us throughout. Definately coming again next year. Excellent entertainment and value for money.
FromWill Budd
Message"Voyage To Treasure Island" - It's great!
FromFemale audience
MessageAll the pantos are very good I have been and seen the 2005 panto "Voyage To Treasure Island" and it is very good. I recomend that you come and see at least one of their pantos because you will enjoy it. They're just as good as the Bristol Hippodrome even better actully and the prices are very cheap.
Well done!

FromRay Bulmer
MessageNice to read your site, well done.
I have linked the Actonians site to yours and was wondering if you would kindly link ours to yours.
MessageCongratulations to everyone on your pantomime "Babes In The Wood". Jan 2004
FromFemale audience member
MessageThe costumes for "Babes In The Wood" were better than the Old Vic!
Pantomime 2004
FromYoung audience member
MessageMum, it was better that the Hippodrome! Can we come again?
"Sleeping Beauty" January 2003
FromTracy Peters
MessageThank you for getting in touch and giving me the opportunity to join in with your latest production.
Kingswood Players were the only amdram club to contact me following my initial enquiry via e-mail, so thanks for that too!
FromJune & Ken Ladd
MessageVery interesting site, will be useful. Was hoping to bring/introduce colleagues to atmosphere/wonder of Music Hall - some have never been to one before-anywhere! Maybe next year?
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